Friday, January 22, 2010

Women are from Venus....

Print Friendly and PDF I read this book, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus by John Gray a long time ago . Sometimes when it was hard to explain why women do certain things I would just resort to the above explanation. Also when it was hard to understand why men are the way they are..that was the explanation. This was before I was married. In fact I still may have that book somehere amongst the many others who are gathering dust. Not that I don't love reading, but now it gets harder to find the time to read and once I begin reading I really don't like to keep it down until its done. Also I have a very energetic two year old running around and I really need to keep an eye on him not knowing what stunts he's going to pull up next. With blogging its easy..I just type my thoughts in bits and pieces and save it as a draft. Also he cannot scribble on my online notes.

Alright let me go back to my Women are from Venus thought... I'm a very expressive person or shall we say talkative. I can talk about anything . This amazes my DH to no extent. I guess I have a lot of things I like, maybe thats why I always have something to talk about. Most of the men like to keep it short and not elaborate. If you ask them how was your day..I doubt you'll get even a complete sentence out of them. Ask a woman like me and I can go on and on. Also I can talk for hours on the phone. This is funny as today I was exchanging notes with one of my blogpals , we'll call her A and she was happy that I too talk for long hours on the phone..and we found out a few more women like us . It was good to know I was'nt the only one. In fact many a times I've tried that I should speak a little less. But then I realized maybe I have a little more to say...

These are just my thoughts and the intention is not to offend anybody. There might be some men too out there who are very expressive and some women who like to keep it short. In fact I just googled to see whether men or women talk more and there are various researches being conducted. In my case research or not..I know who talks more in our house...


  1. Dear dolly,
    I too have read that book long time ago..Really liked that book and sometimes when there is any small fights between us I often use that phrase to him" men are mars and women are from venus"Here also its just the same,huby doesnt talk much and I do all the talking :)

  2. Not read the book... but heard peeps say it was interesting.... I love yapping a lot.... Truly, many of our characteristics do match.... I can just go on & on.... My doctor wants to know what happened.... & my story goes rolling... with all the feelings, cuss words.... etc., etc., She has got to stop me... for me to stop.... When she asks me to write about what I go through, even that includes all the stuff, especially my cussing due to frustration too.... and she is like do I have to read this too along with the case history????? Hmmmm......... So that is about me yapping.... which continues.... though.....


  3. Nice thought to share,I heard a lot about that book,though could not grab that from the book shelf...Got to read that one day to understand the human nature...

    Just for the records, in my house my H holds the honor of the 'Most Talkative Person',some times I also give him a tough competition..

  4. hey dolly this blog is very nice, full of beautiful thought.I liked this article, hav heard lot abt that buk but never got 2 read it.Waht u say is right, mny women talk n talk non stop and some men just speak 2-3 words 2 ans a ques.Even i am one of them:-)...can talk abt nythng for hours..but it depends on persn to persn

  5. Hi Dolly you r a good writer as well.Nice to read ur lovely articles.Very interesting.Keep it up.

  6. Hi.. my same thoughts. My husband is quieter compared to me and like you said I can talk no end....nice post