Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Son

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I saw this book at the library and the moment I set eyes on the title  I had to get it. Its from the Chicken Soup  for the Soul Series - "Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul". I always came across books and beautiful stories about mother and daughters, hoping some day I would find something about mother and sons. I would say this is a great mother's day gift or a gift  for your mother's birthday. I'm simply going to assume guys are reading this post too!!!

It has  great collection of short stories which celebrate the journey of raising a son. There's one particular poem  "My Son" by Betty King  which I would love to share with you all. I hope you like it as much as I did.

                                                         My Son

As a lad you held my hand
You walked with me
You sat upon my knee
I sang to you
You came to me
I wiped your tears
You needed me, I needed you.

Then my son, you grew
You dropped my hand
You chose friends to walk beside you
My knee became too small
You had not the time
For a rock or a song
Your tears subsided
You needed them, they needed you.

Then my son, you grew
There were other hands to hold
You took long walks
But not with me
You held others upon your knee
Rocked and sang love songs
You wiped away their tears
You needed them, they needed you.

Then my son, you grew
You took her hand in yours
You walked the aisle with her
Built with your hands
Your own rocking chair 
She sang love songs to you
You wiped each other's tears
You pledged your love
You needed her, she needed you.

Then my son, you grew
A little one held your hand
You walked with her
She sat upon your knee
You sang lullabies
You wiped her tears
She called you, "Dad"
She needed you, you needed her.

Then my son, you grew
You became wise
You held my hand
You walked with me
We sat together
We talked of days gone by
You wiped my tears
I needed you, you needed me.
                                                                                                   Betty King

Friday, September 9, 2011

What a blogger needs...

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Its soon going to be close to a year that I have ventured into this new world of blogging. I started with my food blog and when I was not so much in a food and recipe sharing mood I started this blog merely for my outbursts and day to day happenings and musings.

I am happy to know so many blog pals and some of them I have started to know so much about them and feel like I know them personally.

Now today's post is just what I feel or think a blogger's basic desire is and I guess its to be appreciated. I know its a humbling feeling for me when I see responses and feedback to my posts. But I guess like everything it comes with its own price. Many a times I feel so guilty and sad if I'm not able to regularly visit them and leave my feedback. I don't want them to feel like I don't care. It happens when you get so tied up with so many things that many a times you could not please everyone. But there are many who are patient and understand and are there for you.

So blogging has been a learning experience for me. I have to be so grateful to many who worry about you and really concerned about your well being. I was so touched by many of you and you all know who you are. There are a few who just abandon you thinking oh my goodness can't waste my precious time giving my feedback to her ..let me shop around for another prospective blogger who can visit me regularly and do a mutual exchange of comments...I'm not trying to be cynical here but I'm just as amazed at how this blogging world works.

I do believe in looking at a glass and see it being half full...and not worry about it being half empty. But we are all humans and have feelings and this was what my take was based on my experience alone.

Ending this post with a song from the movie, Pyaasa- Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaye to Kya hain...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Princess Cake

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Baked this Princess cake for a friend's daughter's 5th Birthday. I'm gald I could help. It was worth the time and effort when I saw the look on her face and the joy it brought her...That was priceless!!!

"My business is making people , especially children happy" - Walt Disney

Friday, March 4, 2011

You Look So Good !!!

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This is a page out of my Mommy Journal. Not that I have one. I used to though once upon a time write down my thoughts and especially if something bothered me just chronicle it in my journal..Then days later when I read what I had written I would have a great laugh..and by then things would all be better.

Right now I love to write down and store these precious thoughts and  memories in my bloggy journal, which I'm doing  right NOW. Since as mothers and also fathers , we all have these moments (precious, happy, sad). Its a good feeling to share them. 

This happened on a Sunday morning. It was a bright sunny morning. I love to wake up a bit early than the  rest of my family and enjoy my cup of tea. Thats my time and I love to enjoy the peace and quiet as well.
 I tip toe to the powder room as I always brush my teeth before I head to the kitchen for my morning tea. I try to keep it quiet lest I wake up my 3 year old and then its no quiet time for MOMMY.

As I'm half asleep trying to brush my teeth, I feel a tug at  my pyjamas. I turn around and I see my 3 year old has tip toed too and is standing right beside me. He greets me with a big chirpy GOOD MORNING !!!.
As I sigh and say, Good morning RiShawn..hoping how I wished I had half an hour just to myself..

He looks at me and says, "You look So Good Mommy !!!". I take one look at my self in the mirror above the sink. Still in my pyjamas, my hair all dishevelled and don't think I look good right now. But it made me so happy that my little boy thinks I look so good. I just laughed so hard and my face lit up and I gave him a hug. 

That made me realize what Children are all about. They can see the real beauty in you and the people and things around them. We as grown ups/adults think we know better. I guess we should all from time to time take some lessons from our children. The world would be a much better and beautiful place if only we could see the world through our kids eyes.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Secret to being Happy...

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If you want to be happy, be. ~Leo Tolstoy

This has been my favorite topic or something to ponder upon. I always wondered and was a bit curious to know what made people happy. I would listen as people would say if they found a perfect spouse or soul mate they would be happy, if they won a million dollars in would make them happy..For some a dream vacation and for some diamonds or a big mansion or maybe even an expensive car.  

So all this while , in the pursuit of something else you are miserable and unhappy and forget to enjoy today. It happens to the best of us.  It happened to me as well. I wanted to get a good education to secure a good job. Wanted to get married to a person who understood me and respected married. Bought a house , got a new job, had a kid, worked, had another kid and then just quit. It was getting too overwhelming. It seemed like life was going super fast. Was I enjoying..Sure..Thats what I thought. I could afford all the things I wanted too..and provide for the little things... But then after my second son was born something within me asked me to slow down..take it easy. I was'nt feeling happy. I thought I had it all. Because I was attaching so much power to things and stuff..but deep within I felt sad. Unknowingly we had complicated our lives and added so much stress. 

I took some time off to enjoy the little things in life. To enjoy my kids. Our house ..To have time for my DH. I was feeling happier as I realized the secret to being happy lies within ME..and within all of us..We cannot depend on other things or people to make us happy. Because that just leads to being more unhappy when you give the power to someone else..It is yours to begin with..Its your right and  you owe it to youself to make the choice and look within you and see what makes you happy.

For me spending quality time with my kids..they were 4 and a new born then meant a world to me. We would go for walks and go biking. Go on a nature's treasure hunt and come back home with all kinds of stuff. Go on picnics. Just chilling out and enjoying life. There was absolutely no pressure no deadlines to be met and life seemed so simple..Since then we have simplified our lives. All this credit goes to my DH as well as he enabled me to pursue things  which would make me happy. Its been three years now and I do feel rejuvenated and ready to  reenter the work force again.. as my little one has started preschool and my older son is in 2nd grade.  I had a great opportunity to create many precious memories and will continue to do so. But the main lesson I learnt was to take some time off no matter how important other things are.. for your family.

A Job gives you the money to buy a house but the love, support and the precious memories of your loved ones make it a HOME.

I dedicate this post to all the full time mothers who took some time off from their jobs and careers to be home with their kids. It takes a lot of courage to do so.. I know SO... But here I also have to account for many mothers who had to go back to work because of financial reasons. That requires tremendous courage as well.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Out Of Your Own Way - A Book Review.

Print Friendly and PDF I have been reading this book on and off for almost a week now and I find it very interesting and its so fascinating to know how our brain(s) work. To be honest I just picked this book from the library as I loved the title and once I started to read the more I read the more I loved it.

The book is " Get Out Of Your Own Way " by Robert K. Cooper. Its a good read but it does take some time to read it and understand what the author is trying to tell you. A bit intense but nevertheless thought provoking and you can relate to it. It gives you real time examples of people you've heard about and how they made it big. I would highly recommend this book to everybody in all walks of life to give this book a try. Mind you I might sound like I'm tring to sell you this book but let me assure you that I'm not being paid for this review.

Also this book has something for everybody. Its a very inspiring book and will motivate you to be the BEST you can be. It talks about 5 keys which the author says will turn your brain's amazing powers to your advantage.

Those 5 keys/ Choices are :
  • Direction , not motion
  • Focus, not time
  • Capacity, not conformity
  • Energy, not effort
  • Impact, not intentions

The entire book is based on explaining these 5 keys in detail with great examples and insights. It has been backed by a lot of scientific research which the author shares from time to time. It will surely make you look at the way you have lived your life and all your beliefs. It will inspire you to make some changes to the way you think and use the tools mentioned above to live a much enriched, successful and happier life.