Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simplifying my Life...In a Zen state of Mind Now...

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For the last couple months I've been in a Zen State of mind. Feels so light. Feels peaceful. If you are curious to know what happened..Its just one word, " UNCLUTTER".

I know I know,it all sounds Cliche. All sceptics out there..I was one of you as well. Whenever I would read about being organised, uncluttering your house and mind, and stuff like that I would think Yeah right..who has the time for this. We always have excuses for not doing things.

I'm a homemaker now. Of late I've realized that I've been spending more and more time taking care of stuff I don't necessarily need. Then why spend my precious time when I could be doing other things I really enjoy doing. This will make be happy. Also with the holiday season soon approaching would'nt all our stuff we don't need be a valuable resource for many who don't have them. Is'nt this the time for sharing and giving. Believe me when you give it brings you inner peace and not to mention the happiness to the person who recieves it.

So I had a game plan. I meant business. I had my mind made up. There was no stopping ME !!!. I discussed my plan with my family. They were excited too. (Alright I did have to bribe my 7 year old with some money for his piggy bank). The plan was to unclutter one room at a time. Things we knew we did not need had to go.. It was not a easy job let me tell you. But do it one baby step at a time and it works. We started with the kids rooms, their clothes, shoes and toys were sorted out. Only kept things we REALLY needed..and the rest was packed to be given to Goodwill. When you see the results, its instant gratification. You suddenly see the closet all organised. The space is bigger because not much stuff lying around. This motivates you to keep uncluttering and make your life SIMPLE.

So this way we kept working on getting the clutter out of our life and getting some Peace and harmony into our life. We did not do this all at one time. Kept 1-2 hours everyday for this work and it was all worth it.

We are not complety done yet. My kitchen is next on my list and so many odd drawers here and there.. But you do get the point I guess... As for me, let me enjoy my Zen state.....and have a hot cuppa of tea..before I get ready for my Zumba class in the evening. Ciao. There's always Time to Simplify Our lives.