Friday, March 4, 2011

You Look So Good !!!

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This is a page out of my Mommy Journal. Not that I have one. I used to though once upon a time write down my thoughts and especially if something bothered me just chronicle it in my journal..Then days later when I read what I had written I would have a great laugh..and by then things would all be better.

Right now I love to write down and store these precious thoughts and  memories in my bloggy journal, which I'm doing  right NOW. Since as mothers and also fathers , we all have these moments (precious, happy, sad). Its a good feeling to share them. 

This happened on a Sunday morning. It was a bright sunny morning. I love to wake up a bit early than the  rest of my family and enjoy my cup of tea. Thats my time and I love to enjoy the peace and quiet as well.
 I tip toe to the powder room as I always brush my teeth before I head to the kitchen for my morning tea. I try to keep it quiet lest I wake up my 3 year old and then its no quiet time for MOMMY.

As I'm half asleep trying to brush my teeth, I feel a tug at  my pyjamas. I turn around and I see my 3 year old has tip toed too and is standing right beside me. He greets me with a big chirpy GOOD MORNING !!!.
As I sigh and say, Good morning RiShawn..hoping how I wished I had half an hour just to myself..

He looks at me and says, "You look So Good Mommy !!!". I take one look at my self in the mirror above the sink. Still in my pyjamas, my hair all dishevelled and don't think I look good right now. But it made me so happy that my little boy thinks I look so good. I just laughed so hard and my face lit up and I gave him a hug. 

That made me realize what Children are all about. They can see the real beauty in you and the people and things around them. We as grown ups/adults think we know better. I guess we should all from time to time take some lessons from our children. The world would be a much better and beautiful place if only we could see the world through our kids eyes.


  1. That's the beauty of children; how sweet. I am sure it made your day.

  2. Thanks Madhu..It did Make my day !!! As mothers we live for these moments..

  3. Am not yet blessed Dolly...cant wait for my own :(. Hopefully this year I get lucky. Will let you know.

  4. @Madhu..All the best..and let no pressure get to you.. I'm sure you will be an excellent mom..