Monday, February 7, 2011

Get Out Of Your Own Way - A Book Review.

Print Friendly and PDF I have been reading this book on and off for almost a week now and I find it very interesting and its so fascinating to know how our brain(s) work. To be honest I just picked this book from the library as I loved the title and once I started to read the more I read the more I loved it.

The book is " Get Out Of Your Own Way " by Robert K. Cooper. Its a good read but it does take some time to read it and understand what the author is trying to tell you. A bit intense but nevertheless thought provoking and you can relate to it. It gives you real time examples of people you've heard about and how they made it big. I would highly recommend this book to everybody in all walks of life to give this book a try. Mind you I might sound like I'm tring to sell you this book but let me assure you that I'm not being paid for this review.

Also this book has something for everybody. Its a very inspiring book and will motivate you to be the BEST you can be. It talks about 5 keys which the author says will turn your brain's amazing powers to your advantage.

Those 5 keys/ Choices are :
  • Direction , not motion
  • Focus, not time
  • Capacity, not conformity
  • Energy, not effort
  • Impact, not intentions

The entire book is based on explaining these 5 keys in detail with great examples and insights. It has been backed by a lot of scientific research which the author shares from time to time. It will surely make you look at the way you have lived your life and all your beliefs. It will inspire you to make some changes to the way you think and use the tools mentioned above to live a much enriched, successful and happier life.


  1. Thanks Madhu for taking the time to read my review and to leave a kind comment.Appreciated.

  2. That was a good review, would definitely read when I lay hands on the book. It is a looooooooong time since u posted, hope all is well with u. Keep blogging,missing them :):)


  3. Good to see you here Ms. Chitchat.Thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to be a bit regular atleast on the food blog and here will write from time to time depending on my mood and time constraints. Will visit your space soon..