Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Son

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I saw this book at the library and the moment I set eyes on the title  I had to get it. Its from the Chicken Soup  for the Soul Series - "Chicken Soup for the Mother and Son Soul". I always came across books and beautiful stories about mother and daughters, hoping some day I would find something about mother and sons. I would say this is a great mother's day gift or a gift  for your mother's birthday. I'm simply going to assume guys are reading this post too!!!

It has  great collection of short stories which celebrate the journey of raising a son. There's one particular poem  "My Son" by Betty King  which I would love to share with you all. I hope you like it as much as I did.

                                                         My Son

As a lad you held my hand
You walked with me
You sat upon my knee
I sang to you
You came to me
I wiped your tears
You needed me, I needed you.

Then my son, you grew
You dropped my hand
You chose friends to walk beside you
My knee became too small
You had not the time
For a rock or a song
Your tears subsided
You needed them, they needed you.

Then my son, you grew
There were other hands to hold
You took long walks
But not with me
You held others upon your knee
Rocked and sang love songs
You wiped away their tears
You needed them, they needed you.

Then my son, you grew
You took her hand in yours
You walked the aisle with her
Built with your hands
Your own rocking chair 
She sang love songs to you
You wiped each other's tears
You pledged your love
You needed her, she needed you.

Then my son, you grew
A little one held your hand
You walked with her
She sat upon your knee
You sang lullabies
You wiped her tears
She called you, "Dad"
She needed you, you needed her.

Then my son, you grew
You became wise
You held my hand
You walked with me
We sat together
We talked of days gone by
You wiped my tears
I needed you, you needed me.
                                                                                                   Betty King


  1. I love those chicken soup series. I had been reading them since the time I turned a teenager. My first book was, "Chicken soup for the Teenagers Soul"...

    currently reading, "Chicken soup for the Expectant mothers Soul".

    Lovely poem Dolly. Loved it; I think we have to pass through certain stages in life to fully appreciate what we have left behind.

  2. @Madhu- Good to see you here. Also happy to find someone who loves the chicken soup series as much as I do. I'm sure the "Chicken soup for the expectant mothers soul" must be a great book. Missed that one. Good luck with everything.