Thursday, January 7, 2010

What is Happiness ?...

Print Friendly and PDF Don't you ask yourselves this question sometimes. Rather to rephrase this question...What makes you happy ? or What would make you happy ?.

This is such a powerful word so simple yet so has a different meaning for all of us.

Since we are just newly in 2010 , wishing our loved ones a happy new year, I started to think about this word again. What's the definition of happy or happiness.

Alright by now like many of you, I rely on my good friend Wiki for reliable information, and here's what Wiki has to say about happiness -

"Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy "

Couple of quotes on happiness I agree with -

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony." - Gandhiji. (Mahatma Gandhi)

Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Also I would say happiness has a different meaning in your various stages of life. At this stage of my life - Happiness is being healthy - surrounded by people you love , doing what you love to do and leading a simple life.

So what's your definition of happiness or your mantra to be happy. I'm still on a quest to seek more knowledge and wisedom on being happy or happiness...the quest Continues....


  1. Dear Dolly
    So you have addressed the most asked question.
    My Mantra ( given by a saint in the Himalayas)" Distract yourself from things/ events etc which makes you sad or eliminate them.
    But how do I distract? by doing some thing we like if you distract even for a moment , you are happy for a moment.
    Feelings are basically involuntary, one cant decide to feel sad, happy, angry. It will happen. You cant decide not to feel sad or decide to feel happy. So distract yourself from the saddening event by some thing you like...
    Again interestingly we dont have control over feeling, but we can control the action or expression to hide the feeling if you are very angry still you can put up a smile while grinding your teeth...or you are very happy but you can pull a long face too. ha ha
    In medical science sadness and its causes are defined, how to treat, what causes it, what is the brain chemistry for sadness etc. But there is nothing which cause happiness.
    Medical science says absences of sadness is happiness. Just treat the sadness, anxiety through medicine or distractions , one will be happy.
    In other words every one by default is in a happy state unless some thing saddening happens.
    Sounds strange ?, Think and read more it is very interesting
    Have a nice day

  2. Awesome, Ushnish. A great Mantra by the Himalayan Saint- "Distract yourself from things/ events etc which makes you sad or eliminate them ". Thanks for sharing this mantra and giving ur valuable feedback to my post. I'm still thinking abt the last para in ur feedback. "Every one is in a default happy state..I'll have to ponder upon it.

  3. Happiness for me is the aftermath of what I do, say & think...... If the aftermath is a feeling of joy & content..... I AM HAPPY...... So I guess that includes almost everything.... I would be HAPPY if I am able to FEEL content & make others around me feel the same.....

    Everything is connected.... Be genuine.... & in no way u would be unhappy.... To be so..Be Transparent..... Be it love or anger.... You do not have a life to commit all the mistakes, possible..hence learn from others mistakes, seek correction & be HAPPY!!!!


  4. Dear Dolly
    You are right..when I read a medical report on treatment of sadness and anxiety , depression and when I read there is nothing which causes happiness, my 1st reaction was" What nonsense"..
    I still cant accept that fully...but I have stared believing that absence of all disturbing things keeps you happy..Think about it , you dont have to accept, as such, what i write..We can debate on this ha ha
    That Mantra is fantastic and only sadhus can practise it. But it is true..The amount of time we spend convincing ourself saying " I will not think about it" " I will forget this and wont think about it" , " I will never feel sad and will feel happy always"...These are wastage of time, instead we must try to eliminate the cause of disturbance or if it is not possible, distract ourselves towards some thing we like ...SUppose if I lose my job, there is no reason why I will not feel sad or disturbed. Well I can keep brooding, the boss was bad..I am a great engr but they did not do anything..
    But I must get up as fast as possible and act to get a job, and every act will make you happy bit by bit, even a long pending drive with family,can be enjoyed when I am jobless. ( which otherwise was not happening for years..
    Anyway I often modify the classical quote to " Life is many splendor thing and too short too"

    Hey! Dolly no more philosophy..I just felt like sharing my thoughts with you,

  5. Visiting this sapce of urs for the first time...Loved it...would defintely like to know hw is ur swimming lessons going on??

  6. Hey Vineetha, gd to see u here. I'm glad You like it. In fact my swimming is going on well.Atleast I'm not scared of the I am able to float on my back..still have so much more tp learn. I finished my 1st session of 5 weeks. I will begin my 2nd session soon.

  7. A problem to crack "HAPPINESS". No direct solution. So let us redefine the problem what is "SADNESS". When we are sad? When you don't get something want. "Disappointment". When Disappointment? When you expect some thing, you get disappointment. So do not expect from yourself, your near and dear, your surrounding, god, etc etc.
    Hence the formula is:
    No expectation = no disappointment = no sadness = ever happy/happiness. He he he what an idea sirji.