Saturday, January 2, 2010

Its 2010 ...

Print Friendly and PDF A year has passed by and we are all in 2010. New dreams, new beginnings and new hopes for the future.

Many of us make resolutions. I for one, do not really make resolutions as I believe, they put on added pressure on you and you stop enjoying your day to day life. Eventually many of the resolutions are so unreal, they cannot be met, which leads to depression. So why go through all the hassle and be heart broken. The flip side of it being, since I have no resolutions to live up to, anything I achieve is great for me and it makes me happy. See A Win -Win Situation.

Some funny quotes for you in 2010 :
"An optimist stays up until midnight to see the new year in. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves." Bill Vaughn

"A New Year's Resolution is something that goes in one year and out the other year." Anonymous


  1. yes slowly it dawns on you that resolutions are meant to be broken. So why make it.

  2. Yes.. I know what you mean about not making resolutions. We all break them. Having said that, I also like to make them, keep it or not.

  3. Dear Dolly
    I always look forward to read this posting, very nice. I fully agree with you. I do believe that if I have to or need to make a resolution, TODAY is the day NOW is the time. One need not wait till 1st Jan to make the resolution and break it in 24 hrs.
    Long Long back,when I had started working, a friend asked " What is your new year resolution?"
    " Well I will step up smoking by 50%, drinking by 25% and.."
    " Well stop it , all none sense etc
    I knew if I had said the opposite then there would have been comments like " Hey you cant reduce smoking etc etc "
    Have a nice week ahead

  4. @Haddock - Exactly..Good to know u think like me...
    @Nostalgia - Good to know that u believe in making Resolutions. I have nothing against some of us who luck though.
    @Ushnish - I'm so glad to see you here. In fact I'm humbled that anybody's reading my posts. I agree with you.."LIve in the moment and Enjoy it NOW. You too have a nice week ahead.