Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Simple Living and High Thinking.

Print Friendly and PDF These words ring in my ears so many years later. Now that I'm married and have kids, have a wonderful husband and a house. With all these come huge responsibilities and I'm beginning to understand a little about life each day. This quote makes sense to me NOW.

Growing up, my mom would just sum everything up in these words "Simple Living and High Thinking". I'm really not sure about who's quote this is..I'm Thinking Gandhiji, but I maybe wrong. She is so patient even today and keeps on moving forward..with this philosophy. Back then when we were kids , like any other kids you always need something or your demands never end. When we would have so many questions and reasonings why we don't have certain things or why we were'nt allowed to do certain things- She would just smile and say the above quote. We would not be that convinced then..But now it all seems right.

Sometimes I think we make our lives so complicated and miss out on the simple pleasures of life. We are in a great rush to be the best, to be number one, to have a better or bigger house, or maybe your dream car or maybe a vacation or cruise. In this run for the Numero Uno position, aren't we subconsciously putting so much of pressure on ourselves and not really enjoying these day to day moments. Many of you may debate that if you rush today maybe your tomorrow will be secured and happy. But how about today..its not coming back. Our kids and their childhood not coming back. This is just my thought.

I feel if we just focus on what we need as a family, as a community as a country as a world to be happy, things will be much better. It will be a peaceful world. We would all be proud citizens of this happy world, not having to worry about Global warming and things of these nature as everyone then would be considerate of each other. If we change our mindset from MINE (me, myself and mine) to Ours..It would be a great start to begin with.


  1. Very Well Written....I totally agree with u...

    'But how about today..its not coming back. Our kids and their childhood not coming back'.

    This sentence of urs is so true..People are losing their 'Present'and regret later thinking we had a very bad 'past',but the Irony of Life is 'Every Present Well Lived makes a Beautiful past'...

  2. very true..will definetly watch 3 idiots..Having a tough time now..Lil one did a terrible thing last thursday,he pulled a hot cup of tea from work top and burnt himself...he is fine now..

  3. OMG..Vineetha, glad to know ur little one is fine now. Its hard with little have to watch them every moment.RiShawn is the same..I'm not sure what stunt he's going to pull up next..He also likes to take a sip fm, my hot tea and a sip from his dad's hot coffee..Oh well..they'll grow up quick and hopefully get better

  4. yes dolly they always do things we never except..Anyway he tought me a lesson..
    Do u have a profile in orkut or face book??