Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The little Boy who wanted to meet the President.

Print Friendly and PDF This five year old boy was really looking forward to go to his new school. It was kindergarten. He had heard a lot of things about his new school. He was ready to move on from his preschool to this new big boy's school as he told his mommy. It was a big step for him and he was really excited. The transition was smooth. He had wonderful loving teachers and he loved his new class mates.

During this time it was also time for the Presidential elections, and at school they were making the kids aware of the entire process of how elections are held, the White House and the candidates. He was so curious and excited just like his other friends in his class. Once he was saddened too. When the elections got to the final two candidates and again they had to choose who would be the best choice for the President of the United States. He asked his mother very innocently, "When the White house is so big why can't Mr. Barack Obama and Mr. John McCain both share it, why do the people have to choose one President ? ". It was a valid question. His mother tried her best to explain to this five year old how these things work in the real world.

Soon the day came when History was made and for the first time, an African American Became the President of the United States of America. By now this little boy had watched Mr. Barack Obama on TV a lot when his parents sat through the presidential elections, debates, his Inaugural speech. He was very happy for Mr. President. He was giving the reasons why Mr. Barack Obama won the elections.

Also during this entire time he was very keen to visit Washington DC to see the White house. His parents promised him they'll soon take him to see the White house. It was just a matter of three hours the driving distance between realizing his dream and where he lived. Finally this last Thanksgiving November 2009, his parents were visiting some friends and decided to take this boy to the White house as promised.

Washington DC is cold around this time. But the promise made to their son had to be fulfilled. They all go visiting the White House and it was around 5:00 pm. It was chilly and dark. This boy was all prepared with his jacket and mittens and a hat. They are driving by and his dad showed him the White House, thinking it was too cold to walk. But this little boy was so determined to walk as close to the White House as possible. Finally his dad finds a parking lot and now they all walk towards the White House. It was a beautiful feeling. It was cold but full moon night. They all take pictures for keepsake and admire the White HOuse. The little Boy seems to be thinking and not quite happy. He tells his parents " Alright , now Can we meet Mr. President Please ". Then it occurs to his parents , all this while he said he wanted to visit the White House was to meet the President. They tried to tell him without breaking his heart, that the President is so busy with so many importangt issues right now, thats the reason he cannot meet with us.

But he did not seem convinced. There were some security personnel outside the White House. The White house for obvious reasons is well guarded. He asked his parents , whether it was alright to go and ask the security personnel whether he could meet the President. His parents let him ask the Security. The little boy walks to the Security , and asks he wants to meet the President. The parents are watching as within couple minutes, the little boy returns with a sad face and says, "The security officer says, Nobody can meet the President, but you could watch him on TV".

His parents try to tell him like any other parent would. "How about you be so good in your studies and school, that the President Mr. Barack Obama will come to your School and be so proud of you. That way you can meet Mr. President. ". The little boy is still waiting and has'nt stopped dreaming yet.


  1. So cute...you talking about your boy I assume.. Its great that you are journaling about it

  2. Yeap, Nostalgia.You guessed it Right. My boy is a dreamer just like his mom. Thanks for your patience though..to read it all. I admit its a bit long.

  3. That's so sweet..But he is so smart for a 5 year old. You must be a proud mom Dolly !

  4. Hey Namitha..Good to see you here. I would say they teach you so much in school these days..Even I'm amazed.Oh well thats what Motherhood does to you..You are always proud of ur kids..Now my son's 6 yrs old.Thanks for ur patience though..and ur kind words.