Monday, January 25, 2010

Learning the ABC's...

Print Friendly and PDF When growing up do you remember, how we learnt our ABC'S...I still remember A is for apple and I'm sure thats how they still teach in schools. But at home as I'm trying to teach my younger son, the ABC's and trying to find out words he could relate to. I find he relates more to Caillou, Tom and Jerry , Thomas the train/tank enegine, Noddy, Mickey Mouse,Spiderman, Batman to name a few. So thats what I did the other day I decided to teach him his ABC's and have some some fun with it too. He was so happy and excited to know the alphabets because they corresponded to his favorite cartoon characters.

I'm not an expert in this field. Although, almost did my major in education and had to change my mind because of health related issue. But my very first job was that of a primary/elementary school teacher and I loved it. I was a substitute for a fellow teacher and they let me teach part-time and that job went on for a year. How I loved every moment of it though. Soon I found out that I was allergic to chalk/dust and for the entire time I taught by the 2nd day of the week my voice would be so hoarse and it my throat really hurt. I really struggled, each morning did warm water gargles and took some medication. Finally went to couple of ENT specialists and it was ascertained I was allergic to dust and chalk powder in this case. In the meanwhile I was sure Teaching was my calling and also enrolled for a Bachelors in Education Program. But then decided if I couldn't teach , It would be best not to pursue the Bachelors in Education Program. By now my younger sister was really motivated and she instead enrolled in this program couple years later and now is an awesome teacher. She's into teaching for the love of it and does such a wonderful job with her students. I'm really proud of her.

But now things have changed and are changing. Many schools do not use chalk and use white boards instead and now my older son who is in 1st grade is motivating me to go back to teaching. As they say , Never Say Never. Lets see what life has in store for me.


  1. Hey Dolly,this is a beautiful space u have. Went thro' all ur posts, well written and interesting. I too had a nice connection with kids ever since college days. But, as usual qualified to get a decent job in office, but never enjoyed it though. Realised that my cup of tea is with tiny tots, qualified with a degree in education much later after marriage and cherished every moment of school days with them. Life has many surprises in store for us,so u might be able to fulfil ur dream of teacher soon. Keep working in that direction. Happy blogging :):)

  2. Good to know that u were in teaching profession...Most homoured job in the world.AS a kid ,becoming a teacher was my dream,so that I can use black board and chalk :)I used to take tution during my college days but later didnt have time for that too...
    I too have started teaching Abc to the lil one,but he is still small for that,but just for time pass I do it :)

  3. GO FOR IT..... Dolly.... Its better u fulfill it now than repent later.... Grab the opportunity that comes by..... OUR SATISFACTION IN WHAT WE DO IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING AT THE END OF THE DAY.......... DO the DO.... :-)


  4. Thanks for sharing your experiences Ms.ChitChat and Vineetha. Ash, thanks a ton for ur motivating comment.

  5. Ms. Chitchat- Thanks for taking the time to visit me here and also for your kind words.Great to know U went thru all my posts... That means a lot..