Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bollywood Movie- 3 Idiots.

Print Friendly and PDF I watched this movie twice last week. Its a funny and entertaining movie to watch. It does have a subtle message in it as well. It makes us look at life a little differently.

I love the entire movie and each and everyone has done a great job in this movie. I don't want to tell you the story and spoil the fun. If you have'nt watched it, do take the time to enjoy it and I can assure you its time and money well spent. The main starcast of this movie - Aamir Khan,N Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Kareena Kapoor and Boman Irani. Awesome starcast and brilliant performance and direction. Its well directed by Rajkumar Hirani. He's the one who directed Lage Raho Munna Bhai as well.

I have no vested interest in this movie, nor is anyone paying me to write this review. But I do personally believe if you have something good to share..why not spread the word.

It does have a catch phrase in this movie- ALL IZZ WELL !!!!. So When you are done watching this movie, you will feel - ALL IS WELL.


  1. I watched it yesterday.... And I certainly felt good.... I liked it a lot.... Of course it had a wonderful message... I suppose it is best for all those parents who thrust their will & desire on their kids, not wanting to understand, what the kid wants..... I know parents know what is good for their kids, but it should not be thrust on them... It should be discussed & then understood.... as to what would be best.... That way life becomes much more easier for both.... None of them to be blamed later too.... If I make mistake it is better that I blame myself or hold myself responsible than my parents or the world.... I did it, my fate...that is best.. than cursing that somebody responsible.....

    And I do not understand how is it that one gathers the guts to commit suicide, than gathering it to fight for themselves... I simply don't.... According to me, "DEATH".. or hurting oneself is more difficult compared to fighting for oneself....

    On the whole I love the subjects that Aamir does... or chooses... Yes! He is a perfectionist!!!! At least he tries to be one... & all should.... Only then u can reach somewhere nearby that word....



  2. Dear Ash, thanks for taking the time to read and for your valuable feedback.

    This movie could be an eye opener for many over ambitious parents. But to me its not just parents alone..its the entire System. Everybody should be allowed to make choices.The parents are worried about what their friends and their extended families are going to say or think about them. Many of the parents are in debt so that their children could have a good education.This kind of prevents the children from telling their parents they cannot pursue their education..engineering(like in this movie) or their medical school. So they rather commit suicide than hurt their parents.

    Also each child has a potential for something different. It has to be realized. We don't want to turn them into little zombies- let them reason out rather than rote learning. Also as parents we have to realize that there are so many more avenues and not just being a doctor or an engineer.

    So this will change by changing the attitudes of parents, teachers and the community.

    Yes, I do love Aamir KHan. He does really go to great lengths in understanding the character he portrays..that shows how passionate he is about film making.

    Also I have a little different view about the word 'Perfectionist'- I would say do the best you could..thats perfect to me. Or to rephrase it do it with passion . I feel if everybody wants Perfect grades, perfect students, perfect kids..how about the kids who cannot measure up to this 'perfect' standards..this leads to low self esteem, depression, frustration,druig abuse, suicides.I would say let them have a little fun- because this time shall soon pass and they'll soon be on the path to being responsible adults. These are just my views..and ofcourse we could all agree to disagree.

    Let me end this with Gandhiji's quote which I love:
    BE the Change You would like to see in this world.

  3. YES! Perfectionist is the one who believes in himself & his work... The DEDICATION in what he or she does... leads to perfection.... When u know hat is right, & follow it with your heart... no one can stop u from being that.....

    And Gandhian-ism, in this present world, is contradicting.... When u go dressed amongst the naked, u are an odd one out.. So in that case...How do I be the only CHANGE, when my destination would be a Mental Asylum, for being the "CHANGE".... All funny though..... Just do not know where the world is heading towards.... may be "D" day.....


  4. I do not know whether to agree or dis-agree with you and Ash. You both have used so many phrases I am confused what you are really up to in the picture as a morale story. All that I know is one to become a perfectionist he needs knowledge, input, guidance, courage and conviction. Sorry i added more phrases. Film is good but very confusing to young generation who are moving in certain set direction and world has been pretty ok in all sector. I will agree that 10% of the people in any field either in education or in an organization are outstanding and they need to be let loose on their own to achieve their goal whereas remaining 90% above average and average needs all those phrases i said above.