Friday, December 4, 2009

Its December already...

Print Friendly and PDF Time just seems to fly. It was just Halloween now and now we are already getting ready for Christmas. This year I saw the Christmas decorations in the malls even before Thanksgiving. It somehow seemed a bit weird to say the least. Maybe it will help the economy and it makes people start shopping earlier. Many were in fact waiting for the Black Friday Sale the day after Thanksgiving. Oh , well whatever works.
I'm just happy that we have setup our Christmas tree. Its all lit and decked up with the wonderful ornamnets collected over the years. We normally setup our tree the day after Thanksgiving . This year we were visiting some friends and were on a short vacation. So our tree saw the light of day just couple days back. Our tree made the trip from the basement to the living room.
My son who is 6 is in the process of writing his letter to Santa. He just made Santa a beautiful card yesterday. My 2 year old can barely say Santa.
As for me I'll soon begin shopping for Christmas. We still have time , right. I'm anyways a last minute person. Also I believe the more we wait the more good deals we get. If not that particular thing was'nt really meant to be.
So stay warm. Spend time with family and friends.Eat well and enjoy this season of Joy and Sharing.

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