Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I Survived My First Swimming Lesson.

Print Friendly and PDF Yesterday was a special day for me. I took my First ever Swimming lesson. I wanted to do this for quite a long time. I did not take this seriously though until my son who is six is swimming now. When I take him for his swim lessons, his face lights up the moment he ventures into the water. I could'nt begin to understand how it could make him so happy and so excited and not want to miss his swim session ever.

This was until I enrolled for an Adult Beginner's Program at the YMCA. This was a surprise from my hubby who by now was tired of my ramblings about learning to swim . He decided to put an end to this constant talk about me wanting to learn. Thats when he surprised me by letting me know I was enrolled for the new beginner's program.

Lo and behold. What did you think my response was...Was'nt happy for sure. I was petrified of the thought of swimming. I had to mentally prepare myself before I could enrol in the program. I thought things were happening too fast.

Everyday as each day got closer I was still not prepared to be in the water not knowing anything about swimming. Just couple days before my class actually started I realized I don't have a swimming costume. I did own one which seems ages ago now, it was I guess atleast seven years back. I had no clue where it could be, I'm sure somewhere in my closet. So I did the next smart thing before rummaging through my closet. I decided to take a trip to the mall. I was doubtful though now being November who will carry swimwear at this time. I was right there were very few if any in the Clearance Corner. They gave me a " Are you kidding me look" when I asked the associate for help with finding a swimwear right in the middle of November.

So finally had to look for the one I had in my closet and after finding many things I did not know I still had, I found my only way I could pursue my dream of getting in that swimming pool - I found my costume. Well I tried it out. I would have loved a new one , but that was all I had. It did fit me though, no problems there. Have been blessed with good genes and a high metabolism.

So next day was my special day. I was nervous that morning. By evening I somehow convinced myself if I did not like the first session It was alright. I just had to go there to see what it was all about. Since it was too late anyways to cancel the class and get a refund.

So I go there not knowing what to expect. I enquire about who my instructor would be and she's waiting for me at the pool. There's another lady too taking lessons. We introduce ourselves. By now I'm feeling better. I have a remarkable instructor. She's so personable and funny and she'll keep encouraging you. Wait this was supposed to be scary, but I was having fun. We were laughing and learning. I was in water and not scared. In fact it felt so good. It was so liberating. So relaxing. It was an hour session. The time went by so quick. I could have stayed for another hour there.

So I guess it was'nt that hard. It was all in my mind. I'm happy I attempted it and did not back out the last minute.

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