Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The World Goes On.

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A girl just died , her loved ones cried.
The world goes on.

A beautiful life just taken away,
by a few merciless crew in a barbaric way.
The world goes on.

There were vigils there were protests,
there were some arrests and some outrage.
The world goes on.

Finger pointing and Soul searching,
Making laws and changing old ways,
The world  goes on.

We called her Nirbhaya the fearless one
and saluted her strength for not being a victim
and emerging a fighter and paving the way.

We saluted her for telling her story
which sadly is a story of so many.

Who are not only the victims of the heinous crime
but society makes them a victim yet again.
So they live in terror live in shame ,
What kind of nonsense is this yet again.
Oblivious to it all,
The world goes on.

 What sense do you make when they proclaim,
That girls are to be blamed as well.
Why would a girl think it is safe,
and have the audacity to be out at night.
To be able to aspire and dream of a career ,
To be able to dress up as she desires,
Men cannot be blamed they say, as
The women are provoking them all the way.

What kind of madness is this I ask ?
You tell me if this makes sense,
We do live in a nonsensical world.
Where the rules are not the same
for each and every one.
And Still the world goes on.

This is my entry to the "fifty-2 weeks of 2013 project". I absolutely love this project as they have new and exciting themes each week. This week's theme is "Nonsense".


  1. Nicely written, Dolly. Sad and it is indeed a nonsensical society we live in. (Btw, did I tell you before that my sis is also Dolly?)

    1. Thanks Vani !. No you did not tell me before.Good to know your sister is also Dolly. Now you know another Dolly. Its indeed sad that many of the rules and regulations of this society absolutely make no sense and should be made obsolete by now.

  2. Rules are superficial. And when it comes to a woman they are bent to accommodate once needs by both men and women. Good one Dolly.

  3. I was saying most of these things during the past few weeks. I talked to some woman who did not understand why i am so vehemently venting out! Your poem makes sense with the nonsense around us and how ridiculously we keep living with it.

    1. You are right we just keep living with it and think it's alright since nobody is questioning it. Such social topics should be discussed more and we should bring things out of the closet instead of pretending everything is alright.

      You write so well Lata so just keep writing and venting if you must.

  4. Beautifully written. Loved every word of it.

  5. Very true and the things happening around can only be labeled as nonsensical

    1. Bong Mom ,the sad part is the nonsense around us just continues.

  6. Very nicely written..and i too had the same feelings when this had happened, but i would never been able to express it so nicely.