Friday, May 7, 2010

Who am I ....

Print Friendly and PDF I'm a homemaker... I have loads of laundry staring right in my face...they are waiting to be folded and sorted out. Alright just loaded the dishwasher..Check. One task off my list. My older one in school - Check. My younger one had his shower and his breakfast. Check. Great so far so good. Yet so many jobs I still have on my list of things to be done.... You would be wondering whats up with me..with so many things still pending how come I get the time to write this post.. Well I don't - I'm just sipping my 2nd cup of tea..and I'm looking for motivation to start the mundane household chores again.

Alright I should'nt be complaining when so many do not have the luxury to be a homemaker aka house wife.. See I have the flexibility to choose my own hours, I can drink tea whenever I feel like..or shower whenever I feel short no schedules to follow, no pressure of driving to work and facing those awful traffic filled days and struggling to be on time.. No leaving work making sure I'm on time to pick up kids from school and also planning the dinner menu driving back home..Yeah I get all that , But hey I'm only human and its our birthright to complain which could be called Venting Out..

Here in the US we are not so fortunate to have help as back home(India)..There its readily available and cheap too. Here it gets a bit expensive and then too its like cleaning services for 1 hr couple times a week... So here we are the maids, the cleaners, the chauffeurs, chef , teacher, companion... Also when you start doing all the above mentioned chores it does'nt seem that bad and its manageable..but there are days when you JUST HAD IT !!!!. Yes, it makes us feel so good that we don't have to depend on anyone else except ofcourse our DH and kids who share the household chores too...

SO C'est la Vie !!!! .But it all works out in the end.. Its all well that ends well. All of you have a Happy Mothers Day.


  1. I had seen my mom do all that..... But well, while working I had to face all those hassles too..... But now a Happy Hassle Free Life..... Best part is no kids..... I am just so happy to be at home & with my simple & small chores for just the two of us.....

    Very true... the domestic help is a REAL help.... Our lives are incomplete without them.... But I still manage when she misses a day to work, but provided she lets me know in advance.... If not I am pissed off!!!! Looking forward to their arrival & they don't turn up... is like a crime, according to me.... They better call & inform..... so I can plan my day accordingly.... Offs are must for everyone..Every human who works.... HARD...

    A proud HOMEMAKER......

    Happy Mothers Day!!!!


  2. Lovley write-up. Here in the Middle East too, we do not have the regular domestic helper. He comes only on weekends to do the vaccuum and the rest of the cleaning. During weekdays, I do all the chores of course with some help from kids and spouse. Initially, it was a bit difficult as I was working too. And, then got used to it, after all we are the proud home makers who can handle everything.

    Greetings on Mother's Day.

  3. Dolly, Happy Mother's Day.

    Agree with you. Being a housewife has many plus points along with minus points too. The minus can be ignored. Doing the chores as per your sweet time is an advantage and the child has the company of the mother...very important.

    Of course the luxury of having a help brings so much comfort to the day to day work. When my help is on leave...its trouble and trouble for me...leave some work pending for her.

    I really enjoyed reading your honest thoughts. I have 3 other blogspots. Please try to have a look at them.


  4. Dolly, I think being a homemaker is the toughest job anyone can ever have. Its like, working at home forever but good thing is, the happiness you earn out of it would never compare to what people earn at work. Isnt it? I have started working as soon as I finished graduation and never stopped. I really wonder what its like to have a long shower whenever you feel like!

  5. I find being a home make very good, we are our own in US help may not be available,but with so many gadzets and different life style, it is better than here depending on the unpredictable maids.